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While gain weight can be a struggle, the additional foods may boost. They can also gain muscle and improve overall health. It can result from an increase in body fluid, strength capacity, or fat. An increase in body fluid can complete from prescriptions, juice and salt retention, intravenous fluid information, kidney or soul downfall.

Q.What can I eat to gain weight?

Here are some healthy food to eat:-

Bananas have a lot of calories which not only gives energy to the body but also helps in weight gain, you can eat alone with milk.

If you want a strong body, then eat milk and yoghurt, there is a lot of calcium in yoghurt rich in flavour.

Potatoes are very low in protein but carbohydrates are found in plenty. If you are very thin and want to increase your weight then include potatoes in your diet.

Peanut butter contains a high amount of protein which greatly helps in muscle building and Fight games help fast.

Dates with gram

If thin people eat dates with gram, there shape and size changes very quickly.

Sago weight gain

If you are a victim of thinness and want to gain weight, then take a bowl of sago pudding daily, your weight will soon increase.

Banana shake weight gain

If you are worried about your decreasing weight or have weakness due to some disease in your body, then you should drink Banana shake daily in the morning.

Weight gain

In case of weakness, drink a glass of milk mixed with a spoon of cow’s ghee and sugar candy, this removes your weakness.

Figs weight gain

If you are physically weak or weak, then eat figs with milk, it will make you extremely strong and semen enhancer.

Q. Why should I try this technique only?

Now only

By our fitness hub and Ayurveda, they say that this all food is good for health and to gain weight this too much to you.

Q.Does Weight gain show immediately?


It depends upon what you eat and how you eat. If your diet time is proper then will succeed in this gain. Do not over-limit your food always eat limited only.

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  1. Thanks for sharing such important information as I was looking for the same…I want to gain my weight.I go to the gym but I think that is not enough to develop good personality. My gym trainer told me that I should workout 30% and 70% will be my diet..I have to have healthy food to gain proper weight..I will follow this and will gain my weight asap..Thanks buddy

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