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Trading is a business platform where you can buy a share and sell them in a double currency. Trading is relatively easy to understand. Fundamental, we are simply buying and selling things.

Types of trade

• Scalping


This trade works only a few time, for example, you invest money at 10000Rs ×100 Rs then you will get 100.50rs that means 5000rs you can earn.

• Intraday


You can invest your time for many hours and earn your digital money

• Swing

In this trade, you can invest your fund for many days and have great earning.

• Position


This is the biggest and longest investing money for many weeks or many months. Through this, you can have huge savings in your life.

• Option


This is a unique trade because this trade always gave the same price that you have invested.

Difference between trading and investment



• Trading is a short time invest

• For some time some week or some months

• Take a share in rare price and sell them in a huge amount

• Trading has many risks

• Another word for trade is technical analysis


• Investment is a long time investment

• For 1 year for 5 years or 10 years for better earn

• You can mostly find the growing share

• Investment has fewer risks

• Another word for investment is fundamental analysis

The easy point to remember in trading

The simplest way to think of this is in terms of buying or going long as you would say in trading.

• You simply buy at a price X and hold onto your position. You do this because you think about the market in whatever you have brought is going to rise

• if that happens you can then sell at price Y and make a nice profit.

What are alpha and beta?

• y = a + bx + u

Means • y is that the performance of the stock or fund.

• a is alpha, which is that the excess return of the stock or fund.

• b is beta, which is volatility comparable to the standard.

• x is that the performance of the benchmark, which is usually the S&P 500 index.

• u is that the residual, which is that the unexplained random portion of performance during a given year.

Distinguishing of Beta


Beta may be a measure of volatility relative to a benchmark, and it’s easier to speak about beta first. It measures the systematic risk of a security or a portfolio compared to an index just like the S&P 500. Many expansion products would retain a beta over 1, perhaps much bigger. A T-bill would have a beta on the brink of zero because its prices hardly move relative to the market as an entire.

Distinguishing of Alpha

Alpha is that the additional retrieval on an investment after modifying for market-related volatility and random fluctuations. Alpha is one of the five valuable risk leadership needles for mutual funds, money, and treaties. during a feeling, it says investors whether an investment has always conducted generously or poorer than its beta predicts.

The market works online?

Yes, you can earn money from the internet many apps are trending now

At which age we can start trading A/C?

You must be at the age of 22 and have a super knowledge of marketing. Then you can open your Demat A/C but always remember one thing that is in the bottom line.

  1. Olymp trade

2. Rubik trade

3. Groww app

4. Bharat option

You can also check this app in the play store or apple store

Bottom line

Always remember one thing whenever the stock market decrease invest the at money time because at the same day stock increase

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