There are many gardens in Mumbai but the famous and beautiful with nature are this 5 best garden near me in Mumbai. There are plenty of flowers and lights show in different gardens many more things we will discuss further….

1. Dadar West Shivaji Park

best garden near me

This beautiful public part is situated in Dadar west, closer to the sea on Swatantrya Veer Savarkar Marg. It is considered to be the largest park in entire Mumbai. This is the best place to spend time with family, friends and loved ones.

You can always take your children to Shivaji to play outdoor games and to spend quality time with them. A popular place to perform political and municipal gatherings. The Ganesh Temple in Shivaji Park is also the best place to visit. There are many types of sports clubs like cricket, football, kabaddi, etc.

2. Horniman Circle Garden

The pond and fountain at the heart of the gardens at Horniman Circle in the Fort district of Mumbai (Bombay). Horniman circle Fountain. The gardens were laid out in 1869.

This grassland is in the castle, Mumbai…one can achieve there buy from CSMT railway station and to garden by walking. It has a great heritage structure, one can feel the historic vintage buildings surrounding it. One of the famous and peaceful places which are located near the fort on the Kulaba road.

The architecture of the building is very nice and this place is famous for photoshoots. Manufactured to be a large free space with large buildings in the normal of the walled municipality, the area had been recognized as Bombay Green in the 18th century.

3. Sanjay Gandhi National Park

best garden near me
Kanheri caves city Mumbai state maharashtra in India. It is a ancient monuments and old temple building related to God budha. It is situated in the mid of forest in borivali on 21 August 2019

The place is large, relaxed and there are many workouts you can do here such as cycling and boating. You can leave here for cakewalks and walks. Highly recommended. The attractive community is located in Borivali East 1km away from Borivali Station.

Great place for animal lovers as this park is a cottage to an assortment of animals and flora and fauna.
A stored and secured forest, with lots of fun, and enjoyment, boating over the Dahisar river, tiger, lion watching, kids play area, gardens, a place for photoshoots, a mini train to have safari, a secure tiger/lion safari, full of joy packet. A place to spend a day with family especially kids.

4. Powai Garden

best garden near me
Scenic early morning at Powai lake, mumbai

The garden gives a good view of Powai Lake. No direct access roads are leading to the bottom of the waterfall, but some walking trails are leading up to the falls.

As always a beautiful walk in this garden can relieve tonnes of pain, such vegetation is hard to find in Mumbai along with the lake and there are some hidden locations known by locals which are the real gem of Powai. You can appreciate boating at Powai lake also. Sitting at the bench facing Powai lake for 30 minutes will make your day better.

5. Five Garden

best garden near me

If you are looking for a place to relieve, this is one of the best places to go People irrespective of their ages are pleasant here. It provides capabilities to play cricket, football. Diverse garden for small children with all sorts of playing luxuries like swings slides etc. For Yoga and jogging, there is a separate garden. Overall a good place to tour.

One of the very few places in Mumbai where one can feel unity although having 100s of people around you. As the name proposes itself, there are five Gardens in the huge area located in Zig zag manner and all are invaded by people at any given time of the day. It has large plants around, beautiful flower plants.

All Gardens have many courts to sit and perform chit-chat, although one can sit on the grass itself for the real Garden sentiment. The place attracts all kinds of people be it family, friends, walkers, Joggers, Couples ( Married/Unmarried ), people who come to play Cricket/Badminton/Soccer etc. Must visit for its beauty and to feel at unity and celebrate every time expended there.

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