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Today, online business has rapidly covered the market and no online business can indeed serve without digital marketing. It has a major factor, so whether it is to bring a website or YouTube channel to a higher ranking quickly or apply for a related job in a digital marketing company.SEO Expert will have to be made on both situations and there is no work to be done on holidays. But you are interested in SEO and you have faith in this, you want to increase your skills, so I will help you.

Q.What is SEO?


Search Engine Optimization means that many tools practice to SEO is its collection, which helps in bringing your website and channel to hi ranking in search engine result so that more on your side and channel. Organic traffic comes from which it starts to increase more and you know what is a search engine, a website through which users search internet content such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, Gibiru etc By turning off SEO exports you can bring traffic and high ranking to your website, but you should also know that you want to become an SEO export such a professional because both have little difference.

An SEO is an expert who knows how an SEO works and how to apply such a tool to rank a website on the search engine.

While an SEO professional is an SEO expert, the practice works like a professional which involves sending the SEO Consulting Services project and dealing with the client.

Q.How to work search engine?


SEO is related to the search engine, so it is very important to know how the search engine works. To know this easily, you are the largest search engine Google search engine in the world and Google is the library in which hundreds of thousands of web pages have been organized by different sites and when you need any information, then you search on Google and Google removes it from the best information bank and puts it in front of you, but because this process is online, that’s why this 3 process Is made up


Crawling is the process through which the search engine’s cooler bot or spider also goes to the web and discovers the contact on the web.


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In indexing, content is organized by adding content to different indexes and shop for user results by ranking the best suitable accountants for user search queries in less than a second. As an SEO Expert World, you have to optimize the site properly so that the search engine can read and index it easily only then your site will be able to find a place in the top ranking. To know how the search engine does, you now have to understand keyword research very well on the next step. By the way,2 types include torches like keyword search and link building.


Keywords are a very important role in SEO. Keyword research gives you specific search data that tells you what people are searching, how many people are searching it and they get this information In which format you need, by doing the right keyboard research, you can understand your target market and also find out how you are searching your content services or products. After knowing this much, who can you reach your website easily and it will be easy for you to bring hi hi ranking on search engines and maximum organic traffic. Therefore, you have to give more help to the keyword, you can take the help of keyword research tools, but with this will also have to increase your vision and observation so that you can use the same information safe active keywords.

In addition to keyword research, the link Blinds the important part So that SEO export should know in addition to Google coding quality content, the link is also the important factor of such OK. The number of quality links that Exide has is as much as a trusted site such as Wikipedia which has thousands of site genders. Morning Syndicate that Wikipedia is trusted by them all. EXPORT holds this and the authority cultivates, so the expert will also have to become an expert in link building so that the website you can SEO st uniform. But you feel that SEO is limited to keywords and links. It is not at all SEO is much more than this, its purpose is not only to increase search engine traffic but also to convert traffic to visitors and customers. So you have to be a major type, so there are many types of SEO, out of which you must know about three major types.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO, Improves the technical ice pack of the Seo website so that you can get a stunning ranking on the search engine. For this, the Technical Seo website Using SSL improve speed Creating a mobile-friendly website completes a lot of important tax like creating an XML site map and fixing crawler score.

On-page SEO

Individual web pages are optimized on-page SEO. The site is delivered hi colour and can generate maximum traffic on search engines.SEO works on both type page content and HTML source code. Publishing Element Hi Content Public on it Optimize Lions. Includes HTML tags and images. Export authority and trust publishing on your website alluded to on-page Seo.

Off-page SEO

Technical Seo and on-page Seo work on the website so that its ranking can be improved while off-page Seo works in such a way that traffic from your website to another website can come in it Activities like taking sale backlinks and promoting on social media come out of the website but their purpose is also similar to Seo.

As far as YouTube search is after, YouTube search is also similar to Google head. There is not much difference in them, such videos get rankings which are seen more, which have more watch time, which is liked by the audience more. Apart from this, the video has to reach more people, it’s YouTube Seo has to be done in which title description tags, mail, there are many such important and you can bring on any channel on YouTube channel. So you have to use all these Seo factories properly.


Apart from Seo, you should also know about SEM where Seo is traffic-free, it is SEM traffic is paided. There is such a way of marketing a business that uses tree advertising and this tree appears on the ad search engine result page i.e. SERPS and its biggest advantage are that SEM gives opportunity to advertisers, how can they put their ads in front of motivated customers who can buy their product. In this way, it becomes easy to do marketing. The two search networks found through SEM are marketed by running three ads on Google Ads and Bing Ads. After taking its knowledge you will be able to understand that Seo’s what is the need to bring the best results through your website or channel.

The next important to become a Seo export Doing Seo training course that will give you deep knowledge of Seo can be expert in Seo and can cry your website and channel and if you want, you can work towards Seo Yakult too.

By the way, you will do the best course awarding your convent convention, yet tell you that you will get the basic course of digital marketing on Google Digital Garage and you can learn something from Google Apart from this, you will get many courses online which will have both free and leg forces, of which you can suck the best option for yourself.

The course is not compulsory but if you want to become an expert In a short time there will be an option for Deep Knowledge and Certified Export Banna and it is important to have a channel even if you do not. Only by doing the Seos export course, you will not become an export only you will have to do practical work and practice the knowledge continuously.

The last and important, you always have to be updated, everything is moving very fast in the online world, so the methods can also be changed, so you will have to be updated during the time of a Seos expert because Google too Search All the Reason is constantly changing so that users can be given better experience, in such a situation, you should know such changes and the awarding of your strategies adjust should also come for this Google Blog Google Search Blog Google Webmaster Blog Master and Search Engine Land such as the latest changes in search, keep yourself updated for this.

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