So in today’s world smartphones are very highly used with updating technology but, with that, some problems are also facing phone problems. So there I am presenting some best tricks that you must try in your life ones. here are they follows.

1. Mobile network

If you are facing the problem of the internet (data) of your sim then do one thing as follow
• open your phone setting
sim card and mobile data
• sim 1 or sim 2 which are having problem choice that one
access point name
• refresh the network and restart your phone

2. Storage (Phone Problems)

Does your phone is carrying a loss of storage, then one app can help you clear your phone storage that is one booster antivirus this app is available in the app store or play store. You can also clean your phone with your inbuilt app.

3. Phone hanging

Most of the mobile hangs while using because they use their phone very fast and the phone does not update (software version) check your version monthly for a better experience.

4. Charge your phone fast (Phone Problems)

For fast charging, you must do one thing before you connect your charger to the phone switch off or power off your phone.

5. Screen guard scratch

Phone problems

This happens on all phones because we use our phone very ruffly and our nails have a great sharp which can scratch your screen guard easily so keep your nails shot while using the phone. One thing I will suggest you use a gorilla glass guard for a better occasion.

6. Heat phone(Phone problems)

Not all phone heat up. Sometimes the phone does not support the version or while playing the game it’s heated for the solution you can power off your phone and after 2mins wake up the phone. It will be normal and smooth.

7. Lost phone

Phone problems

Before you lost your phone you must have to secure your device with Google Account or your phone setting in that setup you’re lost phone or find a lost device. Always remember one thing whenever you go outside keep your phone location on because your phone is tracked.

8. SD card or Memory card not working

It very well may be caused when your SD card has awful perused/compose blunders. Your versatile isn’t perceiving the SD card after designing. Check the limit of the memory card, and organization it to extant if it’s up to 32GB. Restart the telephone in recuperation mode and select wipe store in Android. This will get out the SD card and arrangement it to FAT32 which is most appropriate for putting away in a telephone.

9. App not downloading

The fundamental driver of this problem is bad to store. Go to the google play store application and clear the reserve of the plea. Decent to erase the historical backdrop of the google play store. Confirm you are utilizing the most recent transformation of the google play store. On the off possibility that there is as yet an issue, clear knowledge, and reserve on google play governments.

10. Syncing problem

Phone problems

The sync issue gets settled normally after some time. If not, eradicate the google certificate and add it earlier more. Assure your web organization isn’t constrained and working appropriately. Check for the framework update and update it whenever expected.

Q. Why to do this solution?(Phone problems)

Phone problems

No other solution for network I have tried it and I have success in this. You can also take the help of YouTube but make sure that is not a fake video.

Most phones have many problems and for all this problem I will give you the best solution for your Phones problems have tried it and I have success in this

Q. When the phone problem occurs?

Phone problems

Whenever we use a have application or download it runs in the background of our phone which is not effective. So the proper application to boost your phone and always use the original things of the phone like adapter, cable, or other appearance.

Q. Which are the common problem with phones?

Phone problems

The most problem comes from display or battery which are very in used. Also, the charging point will make one problem with cables or adapters.

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