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Hampi the most and popular place to see in the south of india. This place has great memories of our past and aslo has the unique nature of agriculture. Almost the Karnata is famous for temples and coconut water.

Here are the best to see in Karnataka of Hampi

  1. Matanga Hill

The best spot in Hampi to reap a bird’s eye perspective of the three primary temples. The trekking status is a little more than reasonable and must be ignored if you have height panic. But it’s worth the advancement to see the sunset too.

2. Vitthal Temple

The temple wall is spread over a massive neighbourhood. The main gate has an impressive arch with carvings and opens in a big courtyard which has the famous stone chariot in the centre. The main temple is located just behind the buggy and has beautiful carvings

3. Anjaneya Hill

You can also view the sundown from this place. Anjaneya hill had a great point and very hard rocks and it has its unique design that can make us sufficient. This place is also famous for the birth of the Hanuman god.

4. Sanapur lake

Very beautiful place to watch the daylight. CA coracle is available here. If an individual attending early can celebrate coracle on the lake The lake is nothing but a reservoir. Delicious and cool place. There is also a Peppa (boat) ride usable here, they demand approximately Rs 500 per somebody male for half an hour.

5. Krishna Temple

This temple has the best and extremely strong architecture. The Krishna Temple complex was enormous than I anticipated! It is free to infiltrate and has no guards or anything. It encompasses several skyscrapers that you can admire and explore inside, they are in an acceptable situation. Well worth a holiday!

6. Sugriva’s cave


This epic cave is of ancient significance. Also spoken of in the Ramayana. It’s a very small and wonderful cave opposite the Narasimha temple. It’s actually at the centre juncture between Virupaksha and Vijaya Vittala temple. Straight across the pots of the river Tungabhadra. One has to walk a lot as no carrier can come to this place. A must visit the place.

7. Mahanavami Dibba


Mahanavami Dibba is the place where the Vijayanagar kings used to watch the carnivals, war games, army related activities with royal processions during Dussehra festivity in a great way.. placed at the royal room next to public bath area built by KRISHNADEVA RAYA. There are two stairways to achieve the top of it, one situated at the front and the other at the back of the configuration. The front stairway is illuminated with ornate carvings of elephants, mounts, fighters and parades.

8. Narasimha statue & Badavi Linga


One of the finest architecture at Hampi.
The statue height is 18 feet applicable. A gorgeous monolithic statue built in the 1500s is one of the finest in the village. The place is very well strengthened and is right next to the Badavali Linga. Right beside the road, has a quantity of parking space. Access is free. A must visit the place.


9. Coracle ride in Tungabhadra river

It is a niche where you can like boat transportation around the river. It lives intriguing to ride a flatboat made of willow bases. The surrounding hills are all stone. If you cross the river, it is anegundi. it is a new and stimulating boulevard overlooking the ferns locale.

10. Step well


Hampi as we call it has been critical to the folklore of Karnataka. This occurs before the modern fame that Hampi has accomplished among visitors and walkers. Hampi doesn’t just represent the real antiquity of a bygone empire, it is the bodily embodiment of the enormous tragedy that shattered the very soul of Karnataka in the extraordinary downfall of the last big Karnata Empire!

Q. What is famous in that place? (Hampi)


The uniqueness of the temple and the agriculture of the surrounding areas that the most beautiful seen. The birth of Hanuman that place is famous to see on Hampi island.

Q. Does there is a rowhouse or hotel for rent?

Yes, there is a hotel for rent. Depends upon you which do you prefer like the hotel with air conditioning with 2 bedrooms or the hotel like people welcome you to stay with us but at a very cheap rate.

Q. How to travel Hampi for our nearby locations?

There are private buses from your location like Volvo luxury, Neeta travel and many more like

By airway
Hubli Air terminal, roughly 166 km away, is the nearest homegrown aerodrome to Hampi, working ordinary departures from Bangalore. The Belgaum Air terminal is another significant homegrown air terminal, situated around 270 km away from Hampi, having ordinary SpiceJet trips for Bangalore, Chennai, Jabalpur and Mumbai. Vacationers can undoubtedly get a taxi or taxi from outside the air terminal to arrive at the flawless town of Hampi.

By railway
Hospet Intersection is the closest railroad station to Hampi (13 km away), which is all around connected with the rest of the country using a broad organization of trains. There are normal trains for Hospet from prime Indian urban communities and towns, including Bangalore, Hyderabad and Goa. Hampi Express, Amaravathi Express and Haripriya Express are a portion of the unmistakable trains. In the wake of arriving at the railroad station, one can employ a taxi or taxi to arrive at Hampi. The objective is amazingly tasteful and notable and has various intriguing spots to visit!

By a roadway
Hampi is all around associated with significant urban areas and towns of Karnataka by transport administrations. Other than Karnataka State Street Transport Company (KSRTC), various private and traveller transports handle routinely from adjoining urban areas and towns. At that point, there are a couple of highway transport benefits also interfacing Hampi with different urban areas in Goa, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. One can likewise head to Hampi taking NH 13 course from Hyderabad (380 km), Bangalore (345 km) and Hubli (165 km). Bangalore to Hampi transports are modest and take under 8 hours.

Q. Which is the best season to travel to for Hampi?


The season is from October to March because the climate of Karnataka is cool and quiet. Tourists almost boom at this season.

Q. Which are the famous restaurants in Hampi?

The mango tree

This is undoubtedly the most popular and best restaurant in Hampi. The vibe here is so peppy, music is nice. And the food tastes really good. They offer great varieties, the ambience is also quite pleasant, especially the seating area.

The restaurant Suresh

Do yourself a big favour and order the stuffed brinjal curry from Suresh. The brinjal balls had a crispy outer layer full of flavour and the texture inside was perfect.

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