Ganpati Bappa the son of shivparvati in Marathi it is also named Parvaticha Bala in Marathi traditions the festival of Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated in josh the people are waiting for this festival the excitement of welcoming Bappa we can see in Mumbai the crowds of people are enjoying this festival the Mumbai is famous for this festival.

There the aai kalaa present the best murtis of Ganpati Bappa

It’s is available between 1ft to 2.5 ft murti

1. Vitthal garud baithak (2ft)

You can decorative background with eagles and some lighting effects to show the wonderful effect to murti. The lighting effects make it more effective and attractive to see Bappa.

2. Furniture undir baithak (2ft) Ganpati Bappa

Ganpati Bappa

You can decorate your home with a welcoming mouse. The mouse is the best vehicle of Bappa they are always together.

3. Dagina (2.4 ft) Ganpati Bappa

Ganpati Bappa

This murti shows the best gold collection in the world. The structure of lord Bappa is very simple and beautiful with full of diamond work on it. Diamond shows the best shine that reflects upon us.

4. Jaswandi baithak (20 inch)

The Bappa is sitting on a jaswandi flower in a very cute style. You can blow the blue or pink light the will very well affect on the flower that will show you the best.

5. Tutari baithak (2ft) Ganpati Bappa

Ganpati Bappa

This murti is sitting on tutari. The tutor is a brass instrument that plays the beautiful sound of welcoming someone and this murti shows the best diamond work with great structure.

6. Pandit baithak (1.5 ft) Ganpati Bappa

Ganpati Bappa

Simple and small Bappa with simple sitting style and diamond work on it. This style of mutri is very well going in the market.

7. Brahman Murti (1.5ft)

This murti shows the pure Brahman up sitting on a pillow. Simple and lite work of diamond.

8. Nandi baithak (1.5ft)

Ganpati Bappa

You can decorate your home with cows for Nandi bull and beautiful nature around it like a greenery show.

9. Lalbagh (2.4ft)

Ganpati Bappa

The Lalbaug Ganpati Bappa was started by the Koli people and they decided to establish it and from that, the Bappa of Lalbagh is known as the Navsacha Raja of Mumbai.

10. Mor Pankh Krishna (2.2ft)

Ganpati Bappa

This Bappa is taken the rup( face look) of lord Krishna. You can decorate your home with beautiful nature around it and lights.

11. Marble baithak(2ft)

The wonderful rup of this Bappa has a great look with a peacock feather on the black side and an amazing diamond on it.

12. Prabhaval baithak (2.5ft 20inch)

Ganpati Bappa

The prabhav baithak is known as the proudness of raja or maharaja. The looks attract to its different types of prabhav. We can see a variety of Prabha’s.

13. Bal Ganesh Modak (1.5ft)

Ganpati Bappa

Bal Ganesh murti is very famous in india. There is also one movie on it which name is bal Ganesha and talking about decoration you can keep mouse(undir) around it.

14. Mor Chintamani baithak (1.5ft)

Ganpati Bappa

The Bappa is sitting on a peacock (more) and with Chintamani style. Chintamani is the one name of the group which is located in chinchpokli Mumbai.

15. 9 undira San (2ft)

Ganpati Bappa

The rat is Ganpati Bappa’s vehicle and Ganpati Bappa’s servant is the rat who is always with him. You can decorate with rats and Modak on hand.

16. Dhamru baithak (2ft)

Damru is a musical instrument that Shiva has in his hand, but one day Ganpati Bappa stole that Damru and he played that instrument and danced with Saran.

17. Load Prabhaval baithak (2ft) Ganpati Bappa

It is simply sitting and carrying the load to rest murti. Giving the best blessing upon us.

18. Kamal baithak (1.5ft) Ganpati Bappa

Kamal baithak suiting on a lotus flower with and simple and beautiful rup. You can decorate your home with flowers.

19. Dagdu Sheth(1.5ft)

Dagdu Sheth Ganpati is famous for jewellery and it is also very famous in Pune city. The Sheth word describes the big man and a very rich man. You can decorate with jewellery near it.

20. Cross Chintamani (1.5ft) Ganpati Bappa

Chintamani baithak is one of the same mutri of up one. Only the difference between them is that is straight and this is a little bit cross.

21. Sihasan baithak (1.5ft) Ganpati Bappa

You decorate anything behind it because this Bappa is small and beautiful.

22. Furniture rajdha baithak (2ft)

Furniture baithak means that Bappa is sitting on play wood or a design like structure. You can decorate a box or Geometric shape around it.

23. Rudra Nandi baithak (2ft)

This Bappa has taken the place of lord shiv (Mahadev) and this favourite one is Nandi bull. You can decorate beautiful nature around it.

24. Bal ubha Vitthal (1.5ft)

Ubha Vitthal the lord Vitthal which is placed on Pandharpur. The standing Bappa and small and you can an old mahal it will very beneficial.

25.Motha kan (2ft)

Motha kan Ganpati is also known as lambodar. This Bappa shows the real face of an elephant and you can decorate an elephant by buying it.

26. Padmasan load baithak (2.5ft)

Padmasan baithak with carrying a load on it. This Ganpati also has big ears and simple blessings hand. You can decorate on your own.

27.Dagdu Seth (2.5ft) Ganpati Bappa

This Bappa is also the same as the up one. Sheth of Maharashtra and mostly in Pune.

28. Motha kamal prabhaval (2.5ft) Ganpati Bappa

Kamal with load same as up one only difference is this Bappa is carrying a load and sitting relax pose.

29. Swami samarth baithak (2.5ft)

Shot Swami Samarth poses one of the best places in Shegaon. You can decorate with the tree behind a Bappa because they site near the tree.

30. Mor pici load (2.5ft) Ganpati Bappa

Mor pici load means it can carry peacock colour in this Bappa. You can design your home with beautiful peacock feathers or with peacock around it.

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Main aim of aai kalaa Chitra Mandir arts

This all Ganapati’s idols will be sold. We will use this money for the poor and needy people. We will use the money for the poor as we give them what they need.

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