In today’s generation, smart technology is increasing day by day. which means all things are getting digital. In this world, mostly in the business Of fireboltt Smartwatch technology is upgrading so fast that A normal watch has also become a smartwatch. The technology of fireboltt has brought so much in such small things that people can achieve their needs. like heart rate, oxygen level, temperature, SPO 2, step tracker, voice assistance, and many more features. so here I carry forwarding the best smartwatches of Fire Boltt which will surely like you…

Here are the best 7 Fire Boltt smartwatch

1. Fire Boltt phoenix smartwatch (1999)


The first thing is that for the price it is a fairly good watch. It comes with a metal body finish and the face of the eye is too cool. There has more than 120+ sport mode in this watch.

It also provides a good battery life of up to 3 days without charging. It also has an option of a dial pad with HD calling power. Also, you can play games on your watch. You can easily pair it with your Android phone or iOS there is the latest Bluetooth technology in this smartwatch.

This watch comes with three faces black, rose gold, and silver grey. Included components: one smartwatch, one manual magnet charger, one warranty card, etc.

2. Fire Boltt India’s number one smartwatch talk 2 (2199)

credit:- amazon

It comes with a stylish design and is comfortable to wear the touch screen is very well good for this watch and gives a faster response to us. There are a menu and other options included in it. Four types of watch faces are available in this watch (black, navy blue, silver green, silver grey, and silver pink), and two buttons will help to switch into different modes easily.

Bluetooth calling voice assistant build in mic spo2 monitoring heart rate and many more things are included and 60 + sports modes are available.

3. Fire Boltt Ninja calling (2499) (fireboltt)

credit:- amazon

Coming with Bluetooth calling dial pad speaker voice assistant with 450 NITs peak brightness and also with 100+ watch spaces. Bluetooth calling with a dial pad, device tracker Q122, spo2, and heart rate tracking. Smooth functioning and easy swipes make a better life and also help with social activism like best notifications events, meetings, birthdays, etc.
Watch faces come in dark green, black metal grey, Rose gold, and silver.

4. Fire Boltt dazzle borderless (1499)

credit:- amazon

The dazzle watch comes with an HD display and smooth swipe wh clear vision and a high resolution of 240*280 pixels. This watch has 60 workout modes Plus spo2 Oxygen heart rate and with the latest Bluetooth technology inbuild.

Value of money with a low budget there are many features available in it. Easily play games and connect to music. Coming in 5 phases watch black, golden black, navy blue, silver, and beige.

5. Fire Boltt Ninja calling Pro with the dual ship (fireboltt)

create:- amazon

However, most of the watch functions are similar to its competitors. The major drawback is that the battery drains are faster than others. This watch has a bundle of sport mode so it is better to use with athletic and fitness enthusiasts.

This watch comes with 5 different faces of watch that is black, gold black, Grey, Navy blue, and Pink, and also has an HD display (1.69). Reminder social notifications are also in this watch of ninja call a pro.
Remote access is superb for this watch. The switching between your favorite tunes.

6. Fire Boltt Neptune

Credit:- amazon

Firebolt India’s no 1 variable watch brand comes with fast charging within 70 minutes battery backups of 7 days and water resistance of 5 ATM water.

The watch of the display is HD (240*280 pixels). Smart features of this watch are spo2 level, heart health, better care, breathing, and many more. This watch has five faces gold black, black, rose gold, silver blue, and silver starlight.

7. Fire Bolt Ninja 3 (fireboltt)


This watch has 60 sports modes to track and with a great performance concept distance and calories burned are included in it. It also helps to guide smart technology. The different modes complete health track spo2 tracking real-time heart rate sleeping monitoring mediative breathing all included in. IDC worldwide variable device tracker.

Comes in five colors of faces black, green, navy blue, rose gold, and silver. With box included one smartwatch, one manual card one magnet charger one warranty card.

Q. Why smartwatch is not connecting to the phone?

While sometimes this issue occurs between Bluetooth connections. Either the phone version is old on the Bluetooth version is not updated.

Q. Will the smartwatch work with iPhone?


Yes of course it’s connected to iPhone because it has now similar to all watches that they must connect to all phones.
Q. How smartwatch measure spo2?


Reflecting arc symmetry is used in smartwatches and fitness bands. The spo2 is measured through the light that reflects from the blood under the skin this is because the light emitting sensors as well the sensors that red light are both on one side.

Q. When smartwatch launch in India? (fireboltt)

As seen in my Times the intelligent watch was launched in 2022 below 5000. But the latest technology is building a very faster as you can see now the smartwatch or in very cheap rated and with many more features in it.

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