In today’s era, many people have purchased their laptops for personal use like small businesses or studies. As time goes on the laptop also generates difficulties in it like cleaning parts or some junk files in laptops, but don’t worry I will share my best tips with you which will be very useful to your laptops. So the following steps are the solution to resolve the problems.

Inner parts of the laptops

1. Protect from unnecessary files

There are server files that we store and remove from our laptops, whenever we trash the files from the PC it’s deleted temporarily but the main problem is the files are runes from the back side and it does not visible. So always be cleared in it. One thing that you must know is that the more you inserted into your laptop the more it will respond slow. While removing the unwanted files the laptop can run faster than that and always empty your recycle bin when it is not used.

2. Backups

Always make a schedule of your backup on your laptops. Backups are very important it saves files safely and securely. While doing this all things you must plug in your laptop with a charger (not compulsory). Backups make one better thing that is you don’t lose your files or data.

3. Malware protection

Malware protection is compulsory on every laptop. Without malware the PC is imperfect. If you want to protect your data from pirates just use antivirus protection or the McFee to save all information securely.

4. Protect from a bad network connection


Sometimes the connection is so busy or slow that you can’t download or use it smoothly. The reason behind that is, that the connection has more load on internet users and also has some viruses include. To boost your internet you can use the VPN mode. One more way is to wipe out all your paired connection when they are not beneficial. Control Panel is one more option to set up your internet.

5. Use laptop’s cleaner weekly

While keeping the laptop clean your laptop works smoothly and also looks neatly. While cleaning it, use the liquid cleaner with soft clothes and also to protect the skin of the laptop you must use a cover which will help you to protect from scratches. You can buy it online or nearby there are designers available to customise your design.

Outer parts of the laptops

6. Protect your laptops keyboard


The keyboard is the main part of the computer if they are stuck nothing will work. To protect it you can use the keyboard protector with a rubber case finishing. It will available near your store or on Amazon or Flipkart. It is very beneficial for laptops.

7. While opening

Sometimes we open our laptops very fast that is the wrong way to use them. While opening the laptop we must unfold it from the centre. The reason behind that is only that if you open it from the side sometimes the screen got damaged and repair will be so costly.

8. Use microfiber clothes

Microfiber cloth helps to keep our laptop clean from the dust. The main role of the cloth is while cleaning the screen it does leave any scratches. The price of this cloth is very reasonable in the market you can easily buy them. This cloth is very soft to use and has a very good response.

9. Apply skin


To keep the laptop’s skin safe you must use the screen guard of the laptop which is available online or nearby you. There are so many varieties of screens like transparent, customised, stickers and many more as per u want. If you apply the skin to a laptop it will look more attractive to you.

10. Laptops bags

Laptop bags are safe to use anywhere. The bags have a protection form inside with soft finishing and also have some extra space to keep more accessories like adapters, mouse, USB, cables etc.
Some bags are waterproof and some are made up of leather.

Q. Does these things useful?

Yes yes of course I have used it on my laptop these things are very useful for our laptop or PC it helps to protect and secure from various attacks it is very helpful

Q. How to protect the laptops keyboard and screen?


In the above stanza, I have mentioned both of them to protect the laptop screen also and also for a keyboard.

Q. How to protect laptops from viruses?


You can use the McAfee antivirus or the 360 AntiVirus protector for your better use. Normal scanners are also best to use. But if you want to protect your important data then you should use the first two.

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